package scalasti

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Type Members

  1. trait AttributeRenderer[T] extends AnyRef

    A more Scala-like ST attribute renderer.

  2. class DateRenderer extends AttributeRenderer[Date]

    A Scalasti version of String Template's DateRenderer.

  3. class NumberRenderer extends AttributeRenderer[Number]

    A Scalasti version of String Template's NumberRenderer.

  4. class ST extends AnyRef

    A Scala interface to a StringTemplate ST template.

  5. trait STErrorListener extends stringtemplate.v4.STErrorListener

    A Scala version of the String Template library's StringTemplateErrorListener class.

  6. class STGroup extends AnyRef

    A Scala wrapper for the String Template library's STGroup class.

  7. class STGroupDir extends STGroup

    STGroupDir wraps the StringTemplate API's STGroupDir class.

  8. class STGroupFile extends STGroup

    STGroupFile wraps the StringTemplate API's STGroupFile class.

  9. class STGroupString extends STGroup

    STGroupString wraps the StringTemplate API's STGroupString class.

Value Members

  1. object Constants

    Miscellaneous shared constants.

  2. object ST

    Companion object for the ST class.

  3. object STGroup

    Companion object for the STGroup class.

  4. object STGroupDir

    Companion object for STGroupDir.

  5. object STGroupFile

    Companion object for STGroupFile.

  6. object STGroupString

    Companion object for STGroupString.