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The org.clapper.util Java Utility Library is a library of miscellaneous utility classes and methods. As a general-purpose set of tools, this API is a conceptual extension of the JDK. I use this library myself, so I frequently update and revise its contents.


The Java Utility Library is published to the Bintray Maven repository, which is automatically linked to Bintray’s JCenter repository. (From JCenter, it’s eventually pushed to the Maven Central Repository.)

Using from Maven

If you’re building your project with Maven, just specify the artifact as a dependency:


If you cannot resolve the artifact, then add the JCenter repository:


Building with Gradle

If you’re using Gradle, the following lines should do the trick:

buildscript {
  repositories {

dependencies {
  compile group: 'org.clapper', name: 'javautil', version: '3.1.3'

Installing Manually

If you’re not using Maven or Gradle or SBT or something else reasonably sane (e.g., if you’re still using Ant), you’ll have to download the jar and its dependent jars, and install them manually.

The compiled jar is located at https://bintray.com/bmc/maven/download_file?file_path=org%2Fclapper%2Fjavautil%2F3.1.3%2Fjavautil-3.1.3.jar

This software assumes a 1.6 JDK or better, and it depends on the following third-party libraries:

However… you’re much better off using a Maven-aware build tool, such as Maven, SBT or Gradle, if you can.


Building from Source



The library builds with Apache Gradle, because Gradle’s Groovy-based build files are more powerful and flexible, and much easier to read and maintain, than Maven’s POM files.

If you’re building this library from source, you do not need to install Gradle, however, as there are auto-downloading scripts in the top-level directory.


First, clone a copy of the Git repository:

git clone git://github.com/bmc/javautil.git

Then, change your working directory to the newly-created javautil directory, and type:

./gradlew build

to compile the code. The resulting jar file will be in ./build/libs.

To install it in your local Maven repository, type

./gradlew install

Copyright and License

This library is copyright © 2004-2016 Brian M. Clapper and is released under a New BSD License.


I gladly accept patches from their original authors. Feel free to email patches to me or to fork the GitHub repository and send me a pull request. Along with any patch you send: