Scala Tools and Libraries
Argot, a command line parser A command-line parser for Scala
AVSL: *A Very Simple Logger* [SLF4J]( logger API that aims for simplicity.
ClassUtil A fast class-finder library, with extras
Grizzled Scala A general-purpose Scala utility library
Grizzled SLF4J A Scala wrapper for the [Simple Logging Facade for Java (SLF4J)](
MarkWrap A unified Scala API for various lightweight markup languages, including Markdown and Textile
SBT EditSource plugin A poor man's *sed* for [SBT]( 0.10.x
SBT IzPack plugin SBT 0.10.x IzPack plugin
SBT lightweight markup plugin An [SBT]( 0.10.x plugin that converts Markdown and Textile documents to HTML
SBT 0.7 Plugins Various plugins for [SBT]( 0.7.x
Scalasti A Scala interface to the [StringTemplate]( library
SQLShell A cross-platform, cross-database SQL shell
Java Tools and Libraries
*curn* The *curn* RSS reader
Java EditLine A Java (JNI) interface to the BSD Editline command editing and history library
*org.clapper.util* Library A general-purpose Java utility library
jEdit Emacs macros Emacs emulation macros for the jEdit editor
Python Tools and Libraries
digest Calculate message digests from the command line
fortune Python version of the classic *fortune* program
Grizzled Python The Grizzled Python Utility Library
munkres A Python implementation of the Munkres algorithm (also called the [Hungarian algorithm]( or the Kuhn-Munkres algorithm)
paragrep A paragraph *grep* utility
picoblog Sample blogging software for Google App Engine
pyutmp A Python interface to the Unix *utmp* file
retain Remove all files in a directory, except those specified
sqlcmd A cross-platform, cross-database SQL command line tool. (Superseded by SQLShell.)
Ruby Tools and Libraries
dbusnotify Command line tool to send notifications to DBUS
grinc A simple include-file preprocessor command
Grizzled Rails Logger Useful extensions to the stock Rails 3 logger.
Grizzled Ruby The Grizzled Ruby Utility Library
C Tools and Libraries
daemonize Run commands as Unix daemons
*poll*(2) emulator Routine to emulate System V *poll*(2) function for BSD Unix systems
Minecraft Plugins
Minecraft Plugins Miscellaneous Minecraft server plugins
Minecraft Plugins and Libraries
mclib Minecraft Scala utility library
Sublime Text 2 Emacs hacks Emacs-oriented keymaps, plugins, etc., for the Sublime Text 2 text editor
TextMate hacks Keymaps, themes, etc., for the TextMate text editor
Cheat Sheets Various cheat sheets. Not exactly software, but useful, anyway. And, more to the point, here.