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dbusnotify sends a message to the org.freedesktop.Notifications DBUS service, via the DBUS session bus, resulting in popup message on the current UI graphical session window on a compliant BSD or Linux system.

In effect, dbusnotify is like echo(1), except that the output is emitted through DBUS.

For installation instructions and additional documentation, see the dbusnotify web page.

For a complete description, see the man page.

It can be installed as a gem. It uses the ruby-dbus gem.


From RubyGems.org

dbusnotify is currently an unpublished gem. To install, use the source.

From source

First, ensure that you have rubygems, rake and ruby-dbus installed. Then, either clone the git repository or download the source and unpack it. Then:

$ cd dbusnotify
$ rake install


The man page is available on this site, but it is also installed with the gem. If you install the gem-man gem, you can read the man page with:

$ gem man dbusnotify

If you alias your man command, as follows, then gem manual pages will be seamlessly integrated into your regular system manual pages:

$ alias man='gem man -s'
$ man ls         # works!
$ man dbusnotify # works!


Brian M. Clapper, bmc@clapper.org

Copyright and License

dbusnotify is copyright © 2011 Brian M. Clapper and is released under a BSD License.

Change Log

The change log is here.


I gladly accept patches from their original authors. Feel free to email patches to me or to fork the git repository and send me a pull request. Along with any patch you send: