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This repository contains various plugins for the 0.7 version of the SBT build tool. Each subdirectory within the repository is its own SBT project. See the README.md file in each plugin’s directory for details on the plugin. Some, but not all, of the plugins have their own pages here.

NOTE: These plugins are no longer maintained. Please see sbt-editsource, sbt-izpack, and sbt-lwm, instead.

The Plugins

This repository currently contains the following SBT plugins.


The EditSource plugin provides methods that offer a similar substitution facility to the one available with an Ant filterset. That is, it edits a source (a file, a string–anything that can be wrapped in a Scala Source object), substituting variable references. Variable references look like @var@. A map supplies values for the variables. Any variable that isn’t found in the map is silently ignored.

Consult the EditSource plugin page for complete details.


The IzPack plugin provides a method that will run the IzPack compiler, generating an installer jar for your application.

Consult the IzPack web site and the IzPack plugin page for for complete details.


The Markdown plugin supplies methods to translate Markdown documents into HTML. The plugin uses the Showdown Javascript Markdown parser and the Mozilla Rhino Javascript engine to convert Markdown into HTML. For details on the approach, see the related Parsing Markdown in Scala blog entry.

Consult the Markdown plugin page for complete details.



This plugin is released under a BSD license.


I gladly accept patches from their original authors. Feel free to email patches to me or to fork the GitHub repository and send me a pull request. Along with any patch you send: