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Brian M. Clapper,
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The EditSource plugin provides methods that offer a similar substitution facility to the one available with an Ant filterset. That is, it edits a source (a file, a string–anything that can be wrapped in a Scala Source object), substituting variable references. Variable references look like @var@. A map supplies values for the variables. Any variable that isn’t found in the map is silently ignored.

Getting this Plugin

The Released Version

In your own project, create a project/plugins/Plugins.scala file (if you haven’t already), and add the following lines, to make the project available to your SBT project:

val editsource = "org.clapper" % "sbt-editsource-plugin" % "0.3.1"

Replace the version number with the most recent version number of the published plugin.


The Development Version

You can also use the development version of the plugin, by cloning the GitHub repository repository and running an sbt publish-local on it. The following commands are Unix-specific; make appropriate adjustments for Windows.

$ git clone http://github.com/bmc/sbt-plugins.git
$ cd sbt-plugins
$ sbt update publish-local

Using the Plugin

Regardless of how you get the plugin, here’s how to use it in your SBT project.

Create a project build file in project/build/, if you haven’t already. Then, ensure that the project mixes in EditSourePlugin. Once you’ve done that, you can use the plugin’s editSourceToFile() and editSourceToList() methods.seditSourceTo


This example assumes you have a file called install.properties that is used to configure some (fictitious) installer program; you want to substitute some values within that file, based on settings in your build file. The file might look something like this:

main.jar: @JAR_FILE@
docs.directory: @DOCS_DIR@
package.name: @PACKAGE_NAME@
package.version: @PACKAGE_VERSION@

The EditSource plugin can be used to edit the @VAR@ references within the file, as shown here.

import sbt_
import org.clapper.sbtplugins.EditFilePlugin

class MyProject(info: ProjectInfo) extends DefaultProject(info) with EditSourcePlugin
    val installCfgSource = "src" / "installer" / "install.properties"
    val vars = Map(
        "JAR_FILE" -> jarPath.absolutePath,
        "DOCS_DIR" -> ("src" / "docs").absolutePath,
        "PACKAGE_NAME" -> "My Project",
        "PACKAGE_VERSION" -> projectVersion.value.toString

    import java.io.File
    val temp = File.createTempFile("inst", "properties")
    editSourceToFile(Source.fromFile(installCfgSource.absolutePath), vars, temp)

    private def runInstaller(configFile: File) =



This plugin is released under a BSD license.


I gladly accept patches from their original authors. Feel free to email patches to me or to fork the GitHub repository and send me a pull request. Along with any patch you send: