Cheat Sheets


This repository contains a set of cheat sheets on various topics. The cheat sheets are maintained as Markdown documents, as supported by the Ruby Kramdown gem. The entire repository is organized as a Jekyll site and lives in the repo’s gh-pages branch. Thus, when changes are pushed to the repo, they automatically show up at

Because the repo is just a Jekyll site, you can build it locally, as well. See below for instructions on how to do that.

The Cheat Sheets


I do not guarantee the accuracy of the information in these documents. Specifically:

If you follow my cheat sheets blindly, and terrible things happen to your computer as a result, it’s not my fault. I wrote these cheat sheets for my own use. I maintain them here largely for convenience. If they’re useful to you, great, but the onus is on you to use them with care.

Building the HTML Cheat Sheets Locally

If you’d like to build your own HTML copies of these cheat sheets:

The resulting generated HTML will be in the _site directory; surf to the index.html file. Alternatively, you can run rake preview to fire up a local HTTP server on port 4000, to serve up the cheat sheets.

Here are the actual commands, in scrape-friendly form:

git clone
gem install bundler
cd cheat-sheets
git checkout gh-pages
bundle install
bundle exec rake


Feel free to email me with suggestions, or fork this repo and send me pull requests.