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The Grizzled Python Utility Library is a general-purpose Python library with a variety of different modules and packages. It’s roughly organized into subpackages that group different kinds of utility functions and classes. For a sampling of what’s available, see the API documentation.

Grizzled Python is under continual development, so check back regularly.

NOTE: As of version 2.0.0, Grizzled Python does not support Python 2. If you want to use this library with Python 2, install the legacy 1.1.0 version.

Getting and installing Grizzled Python

Installing via pip

Because Grizzled Python is available via PyPI, if you have pip installed on your system, installing the library is as easy as running this command (usually as root or the system administrator):

$ pip install grizzled-python

To upgrade from a previous version of the package, use:

$ pip install --upgrade grizzled-python

Installing from source

You can also install Grizzled Python from source. Either download the source (as a zip or tarball) from http://github.com/bmc/grizzled-python/downloads, or make a local read-only clone of the GitHub repository using one of the following commands:

$ git clone git://github.com/bmc/grizzled-python.git
$ git clone http://github.com/bmc/grizzled-python.git

If you don’t have git, you can download the source distribution, as a zipfile or a tarball, from the [Git repository][].

Once you have a local grizzled-python source directory, change your working directory to the source directory, and type:

python setup.py install

To install it somewhere other than the default location (such as in your home directory) type:

python setup.py install --prefix=$HOME


Please see the API documentation for documentation on the individual classes and modules in the Grizzled Python Utility Library.

Also, feel free to peruse the change log.

Copyright and License

The Grizzled Python Utility Library is copyright © 2008-2019 Brian M. Clapper is released under a BSD license. See the accompanying license file.


I gladly accept patches from their original authors. Feel free to fork the GitHub repository and send me a pull request. Along with any PR: